Chat Quotes II - Reloaded


“If someone gave me a body pillow of a hot anime girl, I’d keep it” -Sohe 01/05/2019

Moriz: Thank you for exposing your ass to me!

“Labby’s gonna speak up! Labby’s gonna die!” - Red

<00:08:16> “Bob Ross”: look i cant even wear button up shirts ok, it jsut looks like my chest is about to explode out of them
<00:08:24> “NoctyrneSAGA”: …

“I’m a fucking hipster valley girl.” -Oddgo 01/09/2018

[11:53 AM] Darktan: it doesn’t help that I am an idiot

Equillibrium: “Daily reset is on Tuesdays.”

Labby: What you do, is you get bacon bits. And you get some of that like, kraft singles rubber cheese, and you roll it up with bacon bits, and you smoke it.


Can I start posting stuff in here?
Cos if so:

“I’ve been waiting for these guys to slowly crawl towards me so I can steal their brains!”



“The forces of gravity & giant orbital pods filled with women are much better weapons.”



outrageous and disturbing things found on discord :eyes:

[00:03] Nick30075: catgirls are cute but gene mixing would be bad. waifus are for cuddles, handholding, and kids
[00:03] yugas42: There should be no encouragement of this memery
[00:04] Nick30075: don’t think of it as encouragement
[00:04] Nick30075: think of it as containment
[00:04] Darktan: I’m disturbed you’ve thought this through so . . . thoroughly
[00:04] Nick30075: think of all of the birth defects!

[10:09] Nick30075: snekgrill
[10:09] Darktan: given the eyes I’m assuming snekmaid
[10:10] Nick30075: perfect for cuddles because she can use her tail as a blanket
[10:10] guywiththebraillename: do you have a deathwish
[10:10] Darktan: you’ve really thought this through nick

[15:07] Nick30075: ^ hence why snekgirls are for cuddles and NOT for breeding
[15:12] Darktan: thats kinda creepy nick, fuckin weebs :help:
[15:18] Nick30075: Am I wrong though?
[15:18] Nick30075: Just because you think a demihuman is cute doesn’t mean you want to stick your dick in it
[15:20] Darktan: I think that’s best left to the individual in question
[15:21] Darktan: I really am not interested in your mythical beast breeding rating systems
[15:21] Nick30075: wut
[15:22] Nick30075: Uh, I’m not interested in breeding mythical beasts


<17:58:35> “Legion”: PREPARE TO BE WEEBIFIED

quote="ViperFTW, I wanna see my lovely waifu