How to aim with Mobile Artillery (BF3)


Original title: “How to aim with Mobile Artillery,” 12.09.2012
Author: Athemoe

How to aim with Mobile Artillery

A lot of people, including myself, have problems with aiming with the Mobile Artillery rockets. They just spam random rockets until they get random hits/kills and think that it’s just a matter of trial and error. This is incorrect. I did some testing together with some other people from Symthic and I found out what the logic behind this vehicle is.

Let’s start with the horizontal aim .

The rockets don’t get affected by wind, gravity or stuff like that. It gets affected by the position of your vehicle. Let me explain you with some simple images I made. I’m sorry for my drawing ‘skills’, but I’m no photoshop wizard.


As you can see, the Mobile Artillery truck leans to the right because it’s on a hill (assume that we now see its back side). So when you fire your rockets, they will go to the right. To balance this, just aim more to the left, depending on how much you lean to the right.


Obviously, when it’s leaning to the left, you have to balance your cross-hair to the right.
This whole balancing is kind of a trial and error, but you’ll get used to it pretty quickly.

But, is it also possible to aim at a flag without adjusting your cross-hair?
The answer is yes. You have to stand completely flat. Don’t lean to the left, don’t lean to the right. But also don’t lean to the front, or to the back. It really has to stand perfectly flat on the ground.


Now that we know how to aim horizontally, let’s talk about how to aim vertically .

There isn’t much to explain about this, because I made a nice image for it.
The only real tip I can give you is that you’d rather want to fire one rocket a second, because if you spam the launch button, your vehicle will probably move, which will mess up your horizontal aim. You can also check your minimap to see where your rockets land (similar system as mortars).

The following image is almost perfectly accurate if your MA truck stands perfectly flat on the ground. You still have to adjust your aim if you lean in any direction (front, back, left, right).


Okay, that was my guide on aiming with Mobile Artillery. This was all done by testing in-game. But I tried it a lot of times just to be sure about the date, so everything should be correct. Do correct me if you see a mistake, and also comment if you have a new tip I could add.

Special thanks:

  • InternationalGamer and Oscar for helping me with the tests.