Random Thread redux


Honestly we need our staples.

Postcount ++


Quaaack Quack QuaaaAck!

(Welcome to the new random thread)


Oscar your opening post was weak. Add this to bring it up to par.


A real opening post:


Oh goodie, the weebs are already here :roll_eyes:


Quack qack?


Aww he’s cute, he can stay :blush:
Also not sure if awful Darktan parody or actually Darktan…


Calling ducktan an “awful Darktan parody” is quite the claim. On what s0urces do you base this claim?


…The truth? :stuck_out_tongue:
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Well, Darktan is an awful Darktan parody too so it’s not too farfetched.


Glad to have a forum up again to read all the great things people have to offer.