Recommended Specs for BFV Vehicles and Discussion on Vehicle Meta


will this be updated one last time please? im new and this helps but isnt up to date
for example BF109 G-6 has different specs now (Rockets are no baseline)

would really appreciate it. thank you


As as far as I know nothing significant has changed*, and the current write-ups for both 109s are accurate - the G2’s accounting for no WFRs and the G6’s fawning over how great WFRs + everything else is. Maybe you opened up the pre 7.0 spoiler section?

*Thanks to @Oscar it’s come to my attention that the Field Repair spec now restores some HP without needing to take part damage. Whether this is for every vehicle I don’t know, but I have tested it on a few and it seems to consistently work in this manner now. Must have been changed in the Dec 2020 patch, and intentionally or not it’s a nice buff. I’ve made a few tweaks but I don’t see any worthwhile changes coming from this besides a semi-viable Blenheim Mk IF path of LMRR.


While I’m posting I’ll also respond to this as well.

Because you’ve missed this in my initial reply:

With the intent of this guide in mind, the default cannon is the logical choice.

I want to know the game you’re playing where you don’t lose mobility when a track gets disabled. Must be fun.

All these things said about how you have to be able to farm infy if you pick a Flakpanzer, and then also stating that a flieger can do its job…so why not take an actual tank then? Glad you were able to kill 10+ planes on Panzerstorm once though, I’m sure they were quality pilots then who would have done large amounts of damage to your team otherwise.

Spawning a CGC on Breakthrough Narvik offense? You’ve gotta be messing with me now.

So because I either can’t aim or because I am so far removed from the action that I need to account for drag, I should be begging for .4m of extra boom on top of al already generous 2.2m, and then provide smoke cover for the enemies I’m apparently going to miss anyways. No thanks. The specs recommend kill infy just fine while hitting armor harder.

I believe there is much more that goes into explosive damage calculations through a wall than just innerblast radius. I will update this when I get a solid answer from someone more qualified than I.
EDIT: See below quotes from a dev -

[There is not] any sort of special inner blast interaction with the wall that I’m aware of…

Blast damage does an occlusion raycast to check if things are blocking the blast damage. The occlusion checks are settings that can be tuned on every blast (so in theory they could all be different) and can tuned to generally ignore everything or to make a thin fence post block the blast damage from a 1000lb bomb. Its kind like your setting “how far or if blast damage can reach around something”

World objects like walls don’t generally take tons of damage from blast and rely more on direct impact to destory[sic]…the Pz4 is actually just destroying the wall with the direct damage of the shell then there is nothing to block the splash…the Sturmtiger [is] supper[sic] blast damage oriented and world objects like walls don’t generally take tons of damage from blast and rely more on direct impact to destory[sic].

TLDR: not innerblast that determines how effective an explosion is through a wall, not to say that a bigger lethal innerblast isn’t more helpful of course

Again, no thanks. If I wanted to duel a tank at 200m+ I’d respawn myself irl for trying to be so irrelevant. Tank engagements past 125-150m are almost always futile endeavors which only end in a kill when one of the two tankers is too dumb to take cover. Any tanker with a few neurons firing should just avoid the engagement, or if they took a surprise first hit, take cover and repair any damage off with no consequence, then go about their day.

Universal lethality versus armor. If you had looked to those posts you would have understood the quantification of that claim. Yes its inner blast sucks. But if you can’t hit an infy within 1m /~3.3ft or slightly more and then follow up with a coax round or two, FPS games might not be the genre to play. Despite the nerf the 75mm Type5 cannon is still powerful, although it did make other alternatives slightly more viable.

With lackluster mobility or lackluster armor plus parts damage, tanks in BFV cannot be the center of attention. They should provide direct support to objectives without stepping on them. This means play in close-moderate proximity to the point, sitting slightly away to keep clear lines of sight, watching spawns, and clearing the point of enemy infy that pop up on it. Not on the point. Not 200m+ away. Say ~25m from the edge of the capzone, moving towards the edge of the capzone and maybe inside when needed, but backing away quickly to regain that spacing. Otherwise welcome back to the respawn screen.


i double checked and i dont have the 7.0 section opened

(left is ingame, right is from guide)

Sorry for being annoying


Not annoying at all - good catch! I don’t even remember the game prompting me to re-spec the vehicle after this change (as it has done in the past when spec tree adjustments are made by DICE), so good catch.

Guide updated, I agree with the specs you have selected there.


Well, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I do not expect to convince you, so I will just write this for others reading this post.

  1. track mobility reduction is relatively minor while engine damage you can hardly move. If track damage makes you 25% slower, engine damage is at least 75% slower. Consider the severity of both.

  2. Churchil GC has highest dps vs tanks besides churchill croc, and has very good blast while have decent reload compared to awful howitzers. It is relatively effective vs unit in building and excellent tank killer. A niche but decent vehicle. Do not expect it to be your main tank though.

This person has barely used Churchill GC, let alone after the buff. Take this person’s advice with a grain of salt.

  1. See for yourself, the radius affect kill area exponentially. Try engage with staghound then a sherman and see the difference. Again, if you are a aim god like this guy who can remove infantry in 1 shot then sure. If you find default gun to greatly help your consistency then go with mine. Your call.

  2. The idea of tank on tank engagement beyond 150m is futile is absurd. Many vital corridors for fire support require you to aim at distance, for example panzerstorm, Iwo jima, aerodome. AP is important there. This is one example I will totally disagree rather than say pick your style.

  3. I will politely say agree to disagree on this one. While both are viable I strongly prefer AP + more shell + bigger blast over more effect anti-armor damage at close range. Your style matters. I feel this guide somewhat underestimate the alternative, but then again it could be his play style.

Lastly, there are points he did not address so I will say them again. My playstyle generally favors anti-infantry more. Not that I ignore armor. I find with proper aim on armor weakness, I am more frequently find myself needing to deal with squad of top tier clan infantry players than other tank aces. I will of course switch set up immediately in the off chance I am facing a equally skill tank player (like once in over 100 games or so).

Snake launcher is pretty terrible on flat ground, ignore them. Without practicing lobbing them with slope it will never be worth it. Once you get good with it it can be effective, though AP is better off in most cases.

Light tanks are in general the best general tank to pick. This is reflected in both our stats.

Howitzers are god awful vs infantry due to poor reload for only moderately more blast. With exception of stubby panzer 4 stay away from it.