Site looks, name and categories


Site looks very sleek, thanks for doing this!

However, it doesn’t feel very symthic (yet). The previous black/green/orange colors not only look good, but are fairly uniquely symthic.

I should perhaps ask why the name is Sym and not Symthic (or Symthic II or similar) before suggesting a change. Doesn’t this waste the established name and make it hard to find?

Also, minor but: Bf4 is still a pretty active game, there might be posts on it in the future. Bf Legacy sounds old and ignored. This site will probably last some time, I think it better to have separate categories for separate non-ancient games, for future visitors, and to really “continue” the old forum. Same goes for Bf1.


The colors etc: This is on the TODO list. Indeed we already had very distinct and, imo, cool outlook. Shouldn’t be too hard to move it here ^^.

Name: We avoid using Symthic because Curse may own that. We picked Sym, because it still remains connected to “Symthic”, albeit it may be bit boring.

For the categories: True enough. I will rename and create sub-categories for the BF4/BF1 at the very least.


Might I suggest a new tagline to somewhat hide the fact we want to be Symthic without being Symthic anymore; “Sym: Game Science made Symple!” :joy:


Alright, great.

Unfortunate situation with the name, is that something you could inquire about?
I am concerned about how this site is going to fare, It is drowned out by SYM Motors in google results, not easy to find even when in the know. Also I notice the discord link is gone from the old symthic forum.

I bet you think about this stuff too, so do what you find best:D


Don’t think the original site was all that easy to find when it was initially set up either, in fact I think it was like the 6th result for “BF3 M60 stats” I believe :grin:
We’re still new (again) after all so once the community starts picking up again and momentum gains (and Google’s dumb fucking algorithm stops being shit) we’ll move further up. Besides I doubt people these days do one-word Google searches anymore; we’d at least get “Sym games” or “Sym stats” I’d say…


By not easy to find even when in the know I meant by very specific searches:/ “Sym forum battlefield game stats” yields nothing (but it might indeed slowly change with time). “Juhala” produces results though

I guess we’ll have to have a lot of symthic-like advanced stat-talk and discussions about symthic battlefield stats and symthic game science to make search engines pick us up :robot:

“BF3 M60 stats”

that’s how you found symthic initially I guess?:grin:


It most certainly is! :blush: