Slings and Swivels vs Quick Aim


Looking through the Battlefield V tests on Sym, the Quick Aim specialization decreases ADS times by ~100ms for an AR/LMG and ~72ms for an SMG (assuming 1x optics, for example). The alternative specialization for these weapon classes is often Slings and Swivels. The 15% boost to weapon swap time is understandable, but the “shoot sooner after sprinting” part feels vague. I’m wondering if the improvement to sprint-out time has been measured (i.e. in frames/milliseconds)? I’m aware that Slings and Swivels improves SMG sprint-out time by 100%, while only improving it by 50% on ARs/LMGs. This improvement to SMGs sounds lucrative, but is the actual sprint-out time before and after applying the perk known?

From my 1k+ hours in game, SMGs “feel” more effective with Slings and Swivels instead of Quick Aim, with the situation being reversed for ARs and LMGs. Is the improved sprint-out time worth taking over a faster ADS, from a statistical standpoint (e.g. will it decrease TTK out of a sprint, even when going into ADS)? My bad if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I’m yet to see proper recommendations.


Same experience here with faster switch as medic as I often change items.