Stationary and Vehicle MGs


Hey everyone, good to be back!

You may remember me as the guy who talks about vehicle and stationary related things nobody cares about. So I wanted to look for opinions on the new vehicle MG changes and also the bizarre balancing of HMGs, where they all seem to have the same damage models while having wildly differing RoF. The Type 93 is such absolute garbage compared with the HMG34 that I don’t really understand the logic behind its creation.

The MG changes seem to have been mostly positive for halftracks and hull MG gunners, as the weapons do the same damage up close with higher velocity, while doing lower damage but being easier to hit with at long range.

On the whole, BFV still does MGs and vehicles better than BF4 imo

(anyway, just good to have symthic back in some form. I’ve mostly relied on the comment sections of youtubers like Azura, and as usual feel free to delete my rambling discussion of things nobody cares about. I just thought the forum seemed a bit bare).