[Thread] Bayonet Effects on Weapon (BF1)


Original: How exactly does equipping the Bayonet affect your weapons stats? posted October 26th 2016
Original Poster: wexfordlad1


From the original thread, Labby:

"Don’t always trust the modifier names!

Look at MP18 gunsway.

Go down to the ModifierUnlocksArray.

Check the GUID for the unlock asset for the bayonet modifier: 19EE24CD2C77EF44A9EB97E29CA7202D

Now check MP18 unlocks for that GUID.

U_MP18_BayonetCenter has the GUID 42e1b3da1ef59d47a8487f9586858511 which is not what activates the bayonet modifier.

The unlock that actually has the right GUID is U_MP18_Package_Trench.

Even though the modifier is called bayonet, it’s actually the modifier you get with a trench package equipped.

So what does U_MP18_BayonetCenter actually do? It’s GUID doesn’t appear in the gunsway file, so check the weapon blueprint.

It appears twice. Once in socket data, this stuff turns the visual parts of attachments on and off, which makes sense if the bayonet unlock is showing/hiding our bayonet.

And it appears in weapon modifier data as 00000045. So we’ll see what 00000045 is referring to by seeing where that is referenced in the blueprint.

It refers to a WeaponSprintSettingsModifier that says to use SprintSettings 00000044. That happens to appear just above in the blueprint and it says “SprintRecoverTimeMultiplier 0.666”. And just above that in the blueprint is the default SprintSettings which say “SprintRecoverTimeMultiplier 0.266”.

So what the bayonet is actually doing is causing you to take 2.5x as long to transition out of sprinting before you can fire."