understanding Sniper rifles w/ suppressors on BF4


For the longest time I’ve wanted to use sniper rifles on a bit more of a consistent basis, how ever I did not like using them without a suppressor on them. being as this may using a suppressed sniper rifle of any variety is extremely hard, I and along of some of my friends say that it is a fruitless effort, I wish to change this sentiment. So I’m asking the community to help me out a bit to be able to understand sniper rifles w/suppressors. The common Sniper Rifle that I use is the L115 with 8X scope, 14X magnification, a suppressor and a straight pull, (with the suppressor) I do know that a Running target from 100M going from left to right with the 8X scope is two dots, W/ a 14X it’s three dots and in the middle of the line behind the third dot. At the same distance Walking from left to right W/ the 8X its one dot and the beginning of the line behind it, and with the 14X its just two dots. Other than that I need to do more testing to understand greater distances, angles, target speed, other weapons and long range scopes. However I do wish to see how much the community of BF4 can help me before I start researching, Please understand that the methods and analogies that I use will be a bit chaotic, and some of them wont make any sense with out some help for all of you guys, girls, and the technicolored in between. Also I understand that symthic/SYM is a really great website that gives heaps of great and useful knowledge; however, At the moment they do not provide the specific knowledge that I desire, although I will be using them to be able to understand a lot more of BF4 bullet velocity and bullet drop to be able to effectively use sniper rifles with suppressors. Last; THIS IS  the perspective from console; specifically Xbox. I can not say how much this research will help someone in any other platform, but if it does help you, I do hope you have fun with it in being a stealthy recon. If I cannot seem to find my answer from this platform in one week from posting this, I’ll start my research and any & all help through this will be greatly appreciated, THANK YOU. :heart:


I think the most work that has been done regarding BF4 snipers and target shooting is this archived thread by @NoctyrneSAGA. It’s not exactly what you’re looking for but may be of interest to you regardless.