Visualization of vehicle incoming damage multipliers / angle (BF4)


Original title: “Visualization of vehicle incoming damage multipliers / angle”, 23.1.2014
Author: 3VerstsNorth

Angle multipliers have changed since this post was originally made. Following table includes correct values as of 1.1.2016:

            0°      45°     60°     75°     90°
MBT Front   0.90x   1.00x   1.08x   1.17x   1.25x
MBT Side    0.90x   1.00x   1.12x   1.33x   1.65x
MBT Rear    0.90x   1.00x   1.33x   2.22x   2.45x
MBT Top     0.90x   1.00x   1.30x   1.65x   1.65x
IFV         0.75x   0.92x   0.95x   1.10x   1.38x
FAC         0.90x   1.00x   1.15x   1.30x   1.45x

A short post inspired by discussions with Sheepnub while procrastinating (oughta be working on the brute-force update…).

Launchers, tank shells, etc. damage tanks so that the angle at which the projectile hits the tank armor determines a multiplier which then is applied to the damage caused by the projectile (apparently together with another vehicle-specific damage multiplier).

I visualized the angle multipliers so that we would have a better appreciation for how to kill the tanks most effectively. That’s what we all want, isn’t it.

So, look below: the tank is getting RPGd to it’s arse from different angles. The distance of the black line from (0,0) indicates the multiplier as a function of angle. The angles (radii) and damage multipliers (half-circles) are indicated with different colored lines. The angle and damage multiplier values are show in the legend for the lines. A perfect 90 degree hit (red) will have a damage multiplier of 2.45 while a measly 45 degree hit (cyan) will give you a multiplier of 1.0.

Capish? See, I did my best to not just throw you with an unexplanable scientific chart but maybe even that’s not enough.

Next front, sides, and top: see how the damage multiplier is negligible for front (max 1.05) and not terribly large for side (max 1.65). For top, on the other hand, you actually have a 50 degree sector around 90 deg angle where the projectile gets the max multiplier (2.45).

There you go. These at least show that it really pays of to go for those near 90-degree shots - except when shooting at a tank facing you. If we knew the vehicle multipliers (?), launcher damages and the angles inside which they produce critical hits, could be drawn in a similar way.