What Weapon Variants Mean (BF1)


Original title: “What weapon variants mean (full auto)”, 28.10.2016
Author: leptis

Although already it have been discussed in some thread, as I need to know what I can expect from a weapon in the simulation by his “surname”, I have calculated it systematically. That apply to full auto weapons (ASSAULT and LMGs). In each variant there are other advantages than the mechanic parameters. here, only mechanics questions.

The parameters that differ according to variant of the weapon are:

Color code explained latter.

Numbers are not important now, only the pattern of the parameters that change within a weapon in relation to which we can consider basic because they are repeated in 2 variants. Here are only parameters changing because there are other ones (MAX values, FSMs…) that do not change within the weapon.

Quantification of the change that occurs in each variant in relation to basic parameters in each “surname” within a weapon is:

Blank values can be considered as “1” for each parameter. The numbers are relative to the common parameter value (0.70 means the parameter is 70% of the common value).

This allows to characterize the main feature that corresponds to a “surname”, and the purpose (diagnosis) of the change. This is hyper-synthetic and more things could be said of each.


SUPPRESIVE: We can consider it as basic parameters. It is always equal to another variant. No singularity.

FACTORY + LOW WEIGHT-2: They are equal to Suppresive with better values of recovery (Recoil and Spread DEC). This is a little important feature because with the Spread negative model in 7-8 bullets bursts you reach the minimum value so there is nothing to recover. Some advantege in Recoil. Perhaps changing from HIPFIRE to ADS… or with microbursts…I don´t Know… In common circustancies (firing) as Suppresive.

EXPERIMENTAL + STORM: Variants with low recoil. Stable variants.

OPTICAL + TELESCOPIC: Variants with low spread ADS. Accurated at range.

TRENCH + LOW WEIGHT-1: Variants with good hipfiring. LOW WEIGHT-1 (only BAR) hasn’t nothing to do with other LOW WEIGHT-2. Name not justified. It is a TRENCH.

Note that all discussion is between variants of the SAME weapon. So for instance “stable” doesn’t mean the “most stable” among all weapons.

I can not ensure that these patterns apply to other weapons than full auto ones.