ADS sensitivity multiplier


what is the multiplier for all the zoom level when not using Uniform soldier aiming ?
i did some research it seems like 1x zoom is 0.6 but i couldn’t find the other value

is the multiplier exact same on bf1 as well?


If you go into the data browser and look for ZoomLevels you can find each zoom level’s file. Search for “LookSpeedMultiplier” to see how the zoom modifies your sensitivity. For example, 1_0xZoom is 1.0x LookSpeedMultiplier while 4_0xZoom is a 0.269x multiplier.

A quick peek at BF1’s equivalents seems to show identical numbers.


thank you so so much , i didnt know where the file located in databrowser.

Edit: am i reading the value wrong ? it said 1.0 for 1x scope . but on my test it halves my sensitivity


Check the value for 1x sights under your zoom sensitivity settings. You can see the zoom level does pay attention to whatever you have set there. Would not be surprised if the user setting overrode whatever setting is in the file.


ADS sens , 1x zoom are on 100% , UsA off.
i assume console value are different