M28 tromboncino / m1 Garand grenades


I was just wondering if we have any data on the damage models on these two rifle launched grenades. It definitely feels like the m1 has a larger damage radius, and it even feels like the m28 deals less damage.
I tried digging around the databrowser on my phone, but I got nowhere.


The M1 Garand fires the standard M28 con Tromboncino grenade. The M28 gets access to an AT specialized grenade in addition to the standard grenade.

Standard grenade has 60 impact damage. Improved boosts this to 90.

Standard grenade has 73 blast damage with a 2m inner radius and 4m outer radius. The improved grenade changes this to 54.55 blast damage with a 1.5m inner radius and 3m outer radius.


This data has also been available on the BFV weapon mechanics page, under the “Improved Grenades” spec information