What's mean about KE7 RecoilUp?


KE7 LMG ADSStandRecoilInitialUp is 0.7,but what’s mean about KE7 ADSStandRecoilUp is -0.045?It’s mean LMG no vertical recoil finally?


See general info for more info

Amount of recoil added differs from shot to shot: The first shot increases upwards recoil by InitialUp , 2nd shot InitialUp+Up , 3rd shot InitialUp + 2Up* and so on.


I know,but LMG RecoilUp is negative number


Means the gun will kick less upwards the more you shoot (and thus the first shot will have most recoil).


So how can I know how many shots of a LMG can reach the minimum recoil?




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And it you can probably compute that with \frac{InitialUp-RecoilMin}{RecoilUp}, but I have not checked it further than this.


I can’t find RecoilMin in weapon comparison:frowning_face:


Ah yes, I have not added recoilmin to the included numbers. I will fix this for next update.


Thank you very much:grinning: